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  4 Minutes Workout   No Equipment Required   Calorie Tracker  
  4 minutes to fit   No extra equipment   Awards  
  Every day you have a new workout created specially for you. Start from the basic 4-minute workout and gradually increase duration   App fully packed with the most effective and clear exercises. You don't need any extra equipment. Enjoy your workout at any time and in any place!   Workout every day and collect all awards for achievements. Reach the last level. Workout with Tabata is always fun!  

Awesome workouts begin with awesome design

Our design is simple and clear – all the information is readable in milliseconds. You will pay all your attention to workout itself. Timer is our pride! And our funny trainer will make you laugh and workout even more.


Excellent start to my day. Short enough that I have no reason to say no. Intense enough that I can feel the difference after 7 days on only 8 sets per day.

– Obscure Nickname

This app really helped get me off my butt and start moving around again! It is a great way to start taking steps toward a healthier lifestyle.

– Tjeni122

Easy to use, fun, and even motivates me. If you need to get fitter and you dont really want to have the commitment, it will help you along!! Thanks guys!

– Tincan100

When I first got it I was so excited to use it. We had so much fun! Best workout timer EVER.

– Lord gargantuan foulspleen

Very user simple and concise. Everything i need to tabata is in here. My most used app.

– Snsdfr123321087

I found it the app really good and made me work muscle groups I dont normally tend to use through just running!

– Mattr8110


Compatible with all devices running iOS6, iOS7 or iOS8

Compatible with all devices with iOS7 or iOS8


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